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양질 건전지에 의하여 운영하는 LED 끈 빛 판매를 위해
양질 건전지에 의하여 운영하는 LED 끈 빛 판매를 위해
굉장한 서비스, 우리는 사업의 제비를 함께 하는 계속되.

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50 Watt 150 Volt Led Cob Source Bright Outdoor Exterior Lighting

중국 50 Watt 150 Volt Led Cob Source Bright Outdoor Exterior Lighting 협력 업체

큰 이미지 :  50 Watt 150 Volt Led Cob Source Bright Outdoor Exterior Lighting

제품 상세 정보:

원래 장소: 광동
브랜드 이름: customize logo
인증: ce
모델 번호: LED 속

결제 및 배송 조건:

최소 주문 수량: 1,000 조각
가격: negotiation
포장 세부 사항: 판지 상자
배달 시간: 5 - 10 작업 일
지불 조건: 티 / T는, 웨스턴 유니온, MoneyGram
공급 능력: 100, 000pcs/주
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상세 제품 설명
색상 온도: 3000 - 6500k 빛난 효율성: 110Lm/W
용법: 테이블을 위해 밤 가벼운 등을 점화합니다. 광원: 속 LED
힘: 여러 보증: 3 년제

50 Watt 150- 160 Volt 176x23mm Led Cob Source Bright Outdoor Exterior Lighting





* COB ( Chips on Board ) led is more stable and reliable than standard LED package;
* It achieve higher light level over a large area;
* Better life expectancy than the standard LED packaging;
* The light has a more uniform appearance;
* Customize COB LED is available, welcome to contact us if interested;
* Ideal replacement of traditional incandescent light and halogen lamp in most cases. 


* Model : L17623
* Size ( mm ) : 176x23
* Circuit : 3 in parallel; 50 in series;
* Voltage ( V ) : 150- 160v
* Current ( mA ) : 260mA
* Power ( W ) : 50w
* Lumens ( LM ) : 5500
* Luminous efficiency ( LM / W ) : 110
* CCT ( K ) : 2800-6500K
* RA : 80

Applications :

Our COB products are widely used in hotel lighting, room lighting, office lighting, outdoor lighting and industrial lighting and other lighting projects.

Why choose us?

1. We offer quality LED light products with resonable price.
2. Within 24hrs fast response if any question of products or price.
3. Every order we pack carefully, with good carton to prevent the product from damage.
4. We will find the best shipping such as DHL, UPS, TNT or Fedex, fast delivery, save your time and money. Big order will be sent by sea.
5. Any issue once get the products, we will try our best to solve the issue for you.
6. We can do custom led lights with custom box, custom logo, we have our professional team to make
customized products, package and printing / etching logo.
7. Any other related products you need we would try to prepare for you. So come to us, you will be happy to do business with us!


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GuangZhou Ifly lighting Co.,Ltd

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